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ADAPT is Certified by the Albanian Government Authorities

Our education & research center for Courses and Training Programs was licensed by the Ministry of Finance and Economy through the National Business Center (QKB) in Albania as a qualitative developmental training program for the labor market. Professionals who attend this training course may be equipped with a recognized professional Certificate.

www.adapt.al  (*only in albanian)



After 15 years of professional experience, our Co-Founder & Creative Director, Eno Barjami launched his new engagement in Personal & Professional training program named ‘The Creative Management’ which can be provided for every business and professional.

For more info.: www.MenaxhimiKrijues.com (*only in albanian)



ADAPT  / Pro-Creative Courses

ADAPT (Akademia e Dizajnit dhe Arteve Pamore Teknologjike) is our new enterprise in the education, research & training filed! We LOVE it! 🙂

In ADAPT we provide different creative/professional courses in the fields of Graphic Design, Web Technology, Video Production and various fields of Management.

The courses are provided by our staff and various collaborators of our team. For more info please check :  www.adapt.al  (*only in albanian)



Ambient Enlargment

To provide a better service and working environment recently we enlarged our studio ambient in about double space. Now the space of AKZ Creative Studio consist in 6 areas (3 working rooms, 1 meeting/presentation room and 1 service,  and 1 toilet room).


Now your ambient can be a Website!

Or better a ‘3DWebTour’…After a long period of building and testing, our creative team of designers and developers is ready to launch this Innovative service which can show every type of multimedia information, communication and interaction not form a ‘simple’ web-page but from your ambient. Now any user can ‘Visit’ your ambient anytime, everywhere and can get to know you and get in touch with you easier.

Have a try to our demo version for a better understanding:  http://www.3dwebtour.com/



Such a great feeling in having the morning coffee today morning and reading this news about Erandi, our co-founder and manager! 🙂

One of the main local Newspapers published an interview of him as a positive and successful young professional model!

We want to wish him: keep on going with the Good Work! 🙂 


5 YEARS of working smART!

On August 10th AKZ Creative Studio is completing 5 years of activity.

The motto of this 5 year edition is called: “working smART”  as a metaphor of working driven by ‘Art’ abilities and the ‘Smart’ factor.

By thanking our clients, partners and collaborators for walking next to us is such an exiting & efficient journey, our team wants also to express the willing for improving and enlarging the gamma of our services & products. THANK YOU! 🙂


First International Project!

Studio Masa, an architecture and urban planning firm based in Florence and Moscow hired us to design their Company Portfolio and a set of business stationary as well!

Serious stuff and quiet exciting experience! 🙂



First Client Ever!

After some very long days and weeks of  struggle with the rebuilding of our studio, contacts and presentations to different businesses,  with only one PC, one laptop, one printer, one million stressful situations and taxes to pay and Zero Business plan :)…  Finally, SIAME Company, one of the best companies in the local market for trade of electric products hired us to create their visual identity and full corporate design and ambient branding …Not bad as a start, or better : as a re-start. 🙂


AKZ is born!

Two brothers, two friends, two colleagues…two opposite characters!

One Vision…A lot of experience!

Lets move on!